I help women lose weight without
giving up the foods they LOVE.

Are you ready to feel good in your clothes, again?

Creating A Foundation of Healthy Habits

You’ve been told to count calories, weigh your food, restrict carbs, and exercise more, but where does this get you? Restricting ourselves from the foods we love only leads to obsessing and craving them MORE!! Which keeps you stuck on the dieting, restricting, binging cycle. But, it doesn’t have to be this way. Long-term weight loss success is possible, it comes when you’ve learned how to break this vicious cycle by applying four simple pillars of healthy habits:


Learn what foods are best for your unique body and how to make healthy eating a part of your busy lifestyle.


Unlock the key to finding your motivation and consistency so you can achieve the body of your dreams.


This is where the magic happens! Learn how to heal your relationship with food so you can enjoy food and love your body, again.


Get support to achieve your goals with the right system so you’re always winning!

Meet Amy

Certified Health & Weight Loss Coach

I’ve worked in health and wellness for the past 25 years. My background in physical therapy combined with my passion for life coaching has given me the skills to powerfully help women become their ideal self.

Let’s Work Together

Together, we’ll heal your relationship with food, so you can love how you look and fee in your body and bring back your energy level and zip for life.



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