Master Your Mindset

by Jul 24, 2020

Sabotage Can Come From Two Directions:

  • The behavior of your friends, coworkers, colleagues, and family
  • Your own inner rebellion.

Sometimes, other people that watch you venture into this healthier lifestyle may make comments about it or they may rebel against you.

You may notice that some people who are close to you feel threatened when you embark on this kind of journey and they may even tempt you with food and activities that you are trying to move away from.

Sometimes, you may feel guilty that they feel threatened (it’s NOT your fault that they feel bad) and sabotage your health and yourself in order to be accepted by this person/these people.

Such reactions boil down to fear:

Fear of not being loved.

Others, who may not have the courage to take such a bold step, may unconsciously hope that you fail on your health path. Your success may be uncomfortably challenging for them. When you take a step toward valuing yourself more, your relationships are forced to shift. Your own inner rebellion is often based on your own fear of change, of taking responsibility for your life.

What if you no longer could hide behind excuses for not becoming anything you want? For not allowing yourself to really be who you truly are?

Make this experience work for you by taking responsibility for your health and how your life turns out.

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